Online games / Jeux internet en ligne 


Online games have several interesting and relevent features for reading practive:

1. They are fun

Where and when ever there's fun, there is also a good ground for learning. This is how children learn.

2. They are often multi-lingual (options).

You can play your favorite games in your target language (French for instance) and (re)read the instructions in that new language. Comprehension is eased by the fact that you already know the topic and the vocabulary needed to be able to understand the game.

You can also start a brand new game just to challenge your deductive skills and compare later on your findings with the English version.

3. They are clear

They usually give very simple and repetitive instructions to make sure that everyone (children included) understand how to play.

For the reading learner, the reading practice stops when all the instructions are given. Once you know how to play, you don't need to read anymore. Just enjoy the game...



Directory / Annuaire:

Exemple de site : :

Games / Jeux :

- Youda farmer (Game) (Instructions in pdf)

- Travian (Game) (French game involving Romans, Germanic and Gaulish tribes) Available in many languages



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