2. Increase linguistic, historical and cultural awareness  


These issues are at the heart of any language course. This course makes a point in making sure that students have a broader vision of the issue they are "dealing" within this course.


Historical and cultural awareness

Where do French and English languages come from? How similar/different are they? Do they belong to the same language family? What have been their interactions in the past? Are the cultures behind those two languages different or similar? How did William the Conqueror and Joan of Arc had an impact on the fate of those two languages


Linguistic awareness

English is used here as a bridge or transfer language to learn the target language which is French. Intensive work is done in comparing the two languages in what they have in common in order to learn how to switch from one to the other. The level of intercomprehension between the two is high enough to make that goal accessible.

Links are also made all through the lessons to other romance languages in order to show how much these languages are related.

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