3. Strenghten learning autonomy and deductive reasoning skill 



 Strenghten learning autonomy




Strenghten learning autonomy and deductive reasoning skill 

Students develop a strategy list for problem solving by working with different types of problems. 


Units are based upon developing and enhancing deductive reasoning skills. 


Deductive reasoning is introduced through the use of Mind Bender puzzles, .


PURPOSE:  To enhance student deductive reasoning skills applied to a foreign language. problem solving strategies and increase student ability to solve deductive reasoning problems.

To bring a sense of fun and accomplishment in reading in a foreign language.



OBJECTIVES:  Students will be able to:

1. build an awareness about European languages 

2. use the tools developped for this purpose

3. assess the level of difficulty of a text.

4. read short textes chosen by themselves using deductive reasoning and reading strategies.





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